December 16, 2021 2 min read

Q: Hello! Nice to meet you Mark. How would you describe yourself and the work you do to them?
A: Hi my name is Mark aka Mr Sabotage. I’m an artist and creative director of my own brand, Sabotage Surplus. I do a lot of collaborations and design work on sneakers, customisations (and other projects as well).

Q: How did this collaboration come about?
A: This collaboration came about before COVID-19. It was about a year plus ago when New Era contacted me wanting to do a collaboration with an outdoor theme. They asked me to approach Helinox to do a three-way collaboration together.

Q: Where did you find inspiration for this collaboration and in general?
A: I wanted to take that outdoor spirit indoors. Due to the COVID situation, alot of people are staying at home. I wanted to do something (with) outdoor furniture for indoors. We wanted something that is clean and neutral so we came up with this pattern called Ghost Camo. We hand painted this camouflage for so many years and we want to translate that into all the products we collaborate with.

Q: Were there any challenges you faced while working on this collaboration?
A: I’ve been doing collaborations for a long time. I wouldn’t say there wouldn’t be any challenges. There’s some back and forth involved but i don’t see that as difficulties. I enjoy most of my collaborations.

Q: Are you an outdoors person? Any spots in Singapore to recommend to get your nature fix?
A: I’m a skateboarder and I skate around the city a lot. I usually skate around Marina Bay Sands, near to Gardens by the Bay. I go there every week and that is the most beautiful part of Singapore right now.

Q: Will there be more opportunities to work with New Era in the future?
A: Definitely! With New Era Singapore being the distributor here for Southeast Asia, there are tons of opportunities. This is my 3rd collaboration with New Era so definitely down the road we will do something else.

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